The 12th International Semantic Web Conference
and the 1st Australasian Semantic Web Conference
21-25 October 2013, Sydney, Australia

The Mobile Semantic Web

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The combination of the versatility of smart devices and the capabilities of semantic technologies forms a great foundation for a mobile Semantic Web that will contribute to further realizing the true potential of both disciplines. Motivated by a service discovery and matchmaking example, this tutorial provides an overview of background knowledge in ontology languages and basic reasoning problems, and how they are applicable in the mobile environment. It then presents challenges and state-of-the-art development on mobile ontology reasoning, focusing on the reasoning and optimization techniques developed in the mTableaux framework. Finally, the tutorial closes with an outlook of important research problems.

Tuesday - Oct 22 - SMC


The Mobile Semantic Web


9:00 - 10:30

Introduction and motivation (30 minutes)

  1. Overview of tutorial
  2. A basic introduction to the Semantic Web & ubiquitous computing
  3. A motivating example: mobile service discovery & matchmaking
  4. Challenges of ontology reasoning and sources of complexity

A brief introduction to ontology languages & reasoning (60 minutes)

  1. Ontology languages & the underlying description logics
  2. Overview of main reasoning approaches, tableau, hypertableau and completion rules-based algorithms
10:30 - 11:00 Morning Tea
11:00 - 12:45

Mobile ontology reasoning (70 minutes)

  1. Disussion on existing research in mobile ontology reasoning
  2. mTableaux - optimising tableaux for mobile semantic reasoning
  3. Reasoning & optimisation techniques
  4. Performance evaluation

Conclusions, directions & discussions (15 minutes)

12:45 - 13:45 Lunch