The 12th International Semantic Web Conference
and the 1st Australasian Semantic Web Conference
21-25 October 2013, Sydney, Australia

Hands-on Guide to Linked Data Applications

Tutorial webpage


  • Liliana Cabral (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Ahsan Morshed (CSIRO, Australia)
  • Heiko Mueller (CSIRO, Australia)


The concept of Linked Open Data (LOD) shows great potential to overcome existing problems in discovery, integration, and reuse of data. More and more applications are emerging that make use of LOD. Building such applications is supported by a large number of tools that have been developed in the Semantic Web community. The goal of this tutorial is to provide novices with a practical introduction into building LOD applications. Participants will learn how to build a simple LOD application by following hands-on instructions. Using publicly available tools and practical use cases, we show how to go from structured data.

Tuesday - Oct 22 - SMC


Hands-on Guide to Linked Data Applications


9:00 - 10:30


RDF Data Generation and Publishing

10:30 - 11:00 Morning Tea
11:00 - 12:45

Data Integration and Inter-linking

Application Building on the Web

12:45 - 13:45 Lunch